The Hague-based electronic music platform INDEx invited me for their 17th episode. I have compiled a one hour mix for your listening pleasure. Enjoy it!

Another episode of strange stories and emotions, wrapped up as part II in the AMAZING BUBBLE series

Release date:
February 17, 2021

Limited Edition Cassette available from June 18, 2021
➝ 25 copies
➝ Hand numbered
➝ Double A-side

Artwork and graphic design by Niels Vrijdag

Official Video of ‘NTRZPM’, directed by Sibe Kokke // NOTDEF



“It seems there are very few steps that keep the work of the Dutch composer from becoming an example of modern classical music rather than just ambient…..Amazing Bubble II is a rich, diverse and multi-layered work. Each track is akin to a movie scene. It can be compared to a soft and tender structure with sharp edges in the shape of acute sounds of modular synthesizers”

➝ Data.Wave
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“The luminous and cinematic quality that presented itself on the original EP is augmented by yet another episode of gravitational ambiences gently tugging on buried memories. A symphony of transportive bubbles that are quite simply amazing.”

➝ Igloo Magazine
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“..het zijn twintig enerverende minuten waarin je oren veel nuances, verschuivingen van klanklagen en muzikale bewegingen krijgen te verstouwen. Een enkele keer neigt de muziek naar geluidskunst en de experimenteerdrift straalt ervan af, maar het blijft toch echt muziek, temperamentvolle elektronische muziek waarin klankkleuren verschieten en onvoorspelbaarheid een kracht is.”

➝ Opduvel
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