Field Recordings is about an auditory world in which one moves. A series based on a continuous curiosity and explorations of (natural) sound fields. The recordings are layered in a soundscape, sometimes accompanied by musical elements, or simply reproduced as it was captured. I am using contact microphones, geofon, shotgun microphones or a handheld recorder.

With every new episode of Field Recordings we ask someone to come up with a color combination for the accompanying artwork based on their listening experience.

Released February 9, 2022

The recordings of the second episode in the Field recordings serie were made in a beautiful place called Nolay in Burgundy, France in the fall of 2021. The rumble of a fighter jet and the chirping of birds produces an interesting sound field where the birds react as the sound of the fighter jet increases in dynamics. The other recording was taken in ‘le bout du monde’ nature reserve, falling leaves with a cascade and the buzz of people in the background. The last composition is an amalgamation of these two recordings, accompanied by a harmonic drone that perfectly breathes the atmosphere of Nolay.

The colors of the artwork for this edition were chosen by Roos Muis.

Roos Muis (1993) writes essays that explore the intersection of the internal and the external world. She is currently working on Crossings, a collection of work looking at a variety of themes through the lens of the senses.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

What did I feel when I sat in front of my open window and let the world in, it was a gentle freshness / hope”


🌍 Locations:
Le Drone: les Chaumes Du Mont, Nolay
Le Feuille: le Bout Du Monde, Vauchignon


Released April 9, 2021

Armed with a Zoom H5 field recorder I recorded several spots and hidden beauties, the focus was mainly on non-human organisms. If you listen close and with attention there are many layers nature is producing (eg with headphones you’ll hear a drone produced by a chorus of cicadas, at 2:30 ”of Part I). But it was inevitable not to record human generated noise, so I decided to use these elements too in the soundscapes. The result is a powerful, mesmeric journey.

The field recordings were made on a trip to Sri Lanka in the summer of 2019 (East coast, Hill Country, South Coast, Sinharaja Rainforest) These recordings are edited and layered into two soundscapes*. Peaceful places, the ocean, the rainforest and a train (environment) provide the setting for these dynamic pieces. Sounds of birds, bees, screaming flying foxes, choirs of cicades, babbling brooks and also human generated noise are all included in the mix.

🌍 Locations:
Part I
: Nilaveli, Pigeon island, Trincomalee, Sigiriya, Kandy
Part II: Kandy, Ella, Marissa, Sinharaja Rainforest

*All recordings on ‘Field Recordings’ are unaffected. Some recordings can also be heard, manipulated, on AMAZING BUBBLE I + II