New work to be released on February 17, 2021

Another episode of strange stories and emotions, wrapped up as part II in the AMAZING BUBBLE series


EP Cover created by Niels Vrijdag

Ffog (Official Video)

Directed by Joost Kosir // Dirty Brown
Created live with a fully analog video setup

‘Ffog’ is one of the tracks from the EP ‘Six Scores One’ which was self-released a year ago on tape.

Joost Kosir // Dirty Brown is a Rotterdam based video artist, delivering livid and hyperdynamic visuals around the globe for over 2 decades now. Recently things went full circle for him when he moved back into creating and processing video with analog setups. Recent projects include his glitchy video work for Speedy J’s STOOR live sessions and building a new setup with self made analog video circuits.

‘Introddle for CG Compaen’

a dark cinematic score from two years ago, composed it for a friend, uploaded it on soundcloud but never made it public

Electronic Music Compilation project by Roel Funcken, Julien Mier and Magda Kozuba

This project is an international collective effort to generate funds for the rescue, preservation and safe sanctuary of koalas and other vulnerable wildlife affected by the unprecedented catastrophic fires of the Australian Black Summer (September 2019 – February 2020) resulting in a massive loss of habitable forests.

Curated by Roel Funcken (Funckarma)
Photography by Magda Kozuba
Design by Florence Meuleman (moiCflo)
Mastered by Bob Macc (Subvert Central Mastering)


EP / digital

self released

No random thoughts and no distractions, just me and the music. Suddenly it was there, this drone, noise, ambient piece. It was probably simmering for a while…

Maybe this can be a series, we’ll see.

release date:
4 December 2019

cover photo: Yvette de Reuver



EP / cassette / digital

self released

Ard Bit’s fourth EP blends field recordings, soundscapes and rhythmic sources into melancholic and atmospheric layered constructions. The Rotterdam- based dutch composer and sound artist has several releases on Lowriders Recordings, Shipwrec and Symbolic Interaction, and now comes with a self-released new episode of strange stories and emotions.

Artwork: Meinhard Spoor
Mastering: Rudi Arapahoe

Release date: September 25, 2019