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Shimmering Moods


Working with Radboud Mens on this album was a true pleasure, an inspiration, and a joy. We pushed this album to the limit, listening and revisiting it until everything felt just right, yet the spontanity remains intact. Even now, the album feels perfect in every way—from the creative process to the album art and the label. The limited CD edition sold out in just a few days, but you can still enjoy the download.

This album explores the tension between horizontal and vertical musical events. The horizontal elements create an illusion of immobility, yet within this apparent silence, small acoustic events introduce an elusive dynamic. What one listener perceives as an inconspicuous sonic detail might be considered by another as the focal point of their auditory experience.

Releasedate:  June 7th, 2024

All tracks played, recorded, mixed, edited and mastered by Ard Janssen & Radboud Mens
Artwork by Aldje van Meer and Radboud Mens
Design by Ard Janssen


ALBUM / VINYL / Digital


In 2011, Ard Janssen was one of the first musicians to grace Shipwrec. Now, some eleven years later, the sound sculptor returns for a full album on Phainomena. Music for Delirious Episodes brings together eleven compositions. Ard Bit is known for his delicate, almost brittle, works. This collection focuses on that same fragility that fascinates Janssen.

From the first steps of “Troubled Veil”, the listener is absorbed into a digital weave of field recordings, everyday undulations, other day modulations and loose harmony. Traditional instruments, string and wind, are filtered and re-imagined. The mundane echoes of routines are reborn as the percussive hum of pieces like “Stripped” and “Broken Respirator (White Funnel).” Behind the shifts and shuffles lurks something triumphal. Memories are given new form through audio carvings. Birdsong is handcrafted through knob tweaks, elephant trumpets bellow past swells of electronic insects as a glowing sun rises through the speaker. Hazes of static are shorn back, as in “Seppuku”, to allow moments of intense focus and reflection. And then we return, to that ephemeral beauty that permeates this record, with the final embrace of “Awakening Delusion”. An artist who finds the extraordinary in the often overlooked, or unheard.

Releasedate vinyl: 26th of September 2022
Releasedate digital 10th of October 2022

All tracks composed and produced by Ard Janssen
Artwork & Design by Niels Vrijdag
Mastered by Stephan Mathieu (Schwebung Mastering)
Distributed by Clone Distribution

Official Video for ‘Awakening Delusion’, directed by Jelmer Noordeman a.k.a. Void_3_4_


Official Video of ‘NTRZPM’, directed by Sibe Kokke // NOTDEF

EP / cassette / download

self released

Another episode of strange stories and emotions wrapped up as
Part II in the AMAZING BUBBLE series.

The series is based on improvisation sessions with modular synthesis and field recordings as main ingredients. I am interested in the quest for that sorely harmony by weaving modular basses, melodies, drones, noises and rhythms with manipulated field recordings. For me a world to enter, to create amazing bubbles.

Release date:
February 17, 2021

Limited Edition Cassette available from June 18, 2021
➝ 25 copies
➝ Hand numbered
➝ Double A-side

Artwork and graphic design by Niels Vrijdag
Mastered by Jochem Paap @STOOR


EP / download

self released

No random thoughts and no distractions, just me and the music. Suddenly it was there, this drone, noise, ambient piece. It was probably simmering for a while…

Maybe this can be a series, we’ll see.

release date:
4 December 2019

cover photo: Yvette de Reuver

Official Video of ‘Ffog’, directed by Joost Kosir  // Dirty Brown

EP / cassette /download

self released

Ard Bit’s fourth EP blends field recordings, soundscapes and rhythmic sources into melancholic and atmospheric layered constructions. The Rotterdam- based dutch composer and sound artist has several releases on Lowriders Recordings, Shipwrec and Symbolic Interaction, and now comes with a self-released new episode of strange stories and emotions.

Artwork: Meinhard Spoor
Mastering: Rudi Arapahoe

Release date: September 25, 2019

Ard Bit - Yve_1200x1200

Single / digital

self released

Summer is in full swing and i want to share a track to celebrate life. It’s a kind of good vibe electro thing. Grab it for free, high quality or any other format you like.

Whatever you are doing this summer, enjoy to the fullest!!
In memoriam of Hannie de Reuver <3

Yve is mastered by Rudi Arapahoe


EP / download

lowriders recordings

A coincidence, a satisfied feeling or being in the now leads to very special moments. Moments I have been looking for to build the story. Stories that are told through harmonies, rhythms, noises and field recordings. Every track has his own theme. Together, they are one; Ellioth EP


EP / cassette / download

Lowriders recordings

Yelleen EP consists of 6 tracks. Cribble and Vixen were made in collaboration with Jor Mesin (part of the beatrotateproject). The two tracks are a step further away from the IDM straitjacket but it stays in the touch and feel of the latter. The transparency and openness is what gives it its unique character.

Alphabets Heaven, Julien Mier and Strand are on the remix duties for Yelleen.


EP / vinyl / download


Split EP with Astroposer.

“Ard Bit takes rolling bassdriven dubstep into dark and abstract dimensions. AstroPoser lightens things up and shows how glitch, hiphop, dubstep and idm should sound when you put em all together”

Limited to 300 handnumbered copies, with very special hand-made
(silkscreen printed) artwork.

side a

album / cd / download

Symbolic Interaction

this is my debut album and it has received remarkable attention

“Spanon is a consistent slab of music that is rewarding and demands repeat listens”[Igloo Magazine]

“Designed as a brilliant compromise between dubstep and IDM, Spanon is an album that will delight the aesthetes of the genre.”  [Chroniques Electroniques]

Field Recordings


Release date digital: July 5, 2023

Release date CD: August 23, 2023

“Het is een schitterend kleinood en reisdocument(aire) geworden”De Subjectivistenread article

“The ambient backdrop Ard Bit waves as to underline the quiet and slow country life depicted in the field recordings. All of which I think is beautiful, even when I think some of this could extend beyond the few minutes this lasts.”  Vital Weeklyread article | Igloomagread article

“….over the course of seven tracks and 21 minutes Janssen amalgamates a plethora of often times washed out, cut up or otherwise unidentifiable fragments of Field Recordings with experimental electro-acoustic treatments….” Nitestylez.deread article

Ard Bit - Field Recordings - 03 Poland

Release date digital: June 1, 2022

Release date CD: March, 26, 2024

“On one of those days when things slow down (or seemingly do so), I sat back and played this album a few times in a row, too lazy to get up and write these words or to want to change the tune, so in that sense, it was a most successful album. (FdW)Vital Weeklyread article

Ard Bit - Field Recordings - 02 Nolay

Release date: February 9, 2022

“These are sculpted selections of field sounds, creating an informative flow for your listening enjoyment. Instead of instruments, the composer is using recordings and arranging selections from the spectrum of audio that has been captured.”
Igloo Magazine, 10 May, 2022 –  Read article

Ard Bit - Field Recordings - 01 Sri Lanka

Release date: April 9, 2021

“These are sculpted selections of field sounds, creating an informative flow for your listening enjoyment. Instead of instruments, the composer is using recordings and arranging selections from the spectrum of audio that has been captured.”
Igloo Magazine, 10 May, 2022 –  Read article



mixtape / streaming


I did a mix for Soundwave, a moment with some favourite pieces and jamming with the Lyra and field recordings.

01. Chris Watson – Lectern
02. KMRU – Uneven
03. Legiac – Quichua
04. Ocoeur – Chance
05. Martina Lussi – Higher Energy
06. COH meets Abul Mogard – Find and Hold
07. Nikolay Kozlov – resampl4 slowed (feat. Igor Dyachenko)
08. Far away Nebraska – Lontananza
09. Ard Bit – Vervloekte Bergen
10. Deaf center – Gathering
11. Ard Bit – Mother of Hundreds
12. Ard Bit – Les Charmes Du Mont
13. Jake Muir – Tonic
14. Yann Novak – Dark, Perplexing, Ruptures of Plane
15. Ard Bit – NTRZPM
16. Radboud Mens – F
17. Ard Bit – Jezersko


mixtape / streaming


The Hague-based electronic music platform INDEx invited me for their 17th episode. I have compiled a one hour mix for your listening pleasure.


mixtape / streaming

studio ruwedata

In this mix I take you to a intriguing and dynamic world of electronics, beats, ambient, jazz, noise and sound collages. With every mixtape I ask myself the question: what story do I want to tell? But as a result, I easily lose myself in detail. For this mix I’ve tried to focus on diversity and atmosphere to keep it office-proof, whatever that means. The story unfolds itself, enjoy!


mixtape / streaming


finished a mix for Stookhoksessies with old favorites, fresh stuff and fieldrecordings.



Bushfire Project 1200x1200

compilation / download

Australian Bushfire Compilation | Touched Music

Electronic Music Compilation project by Roel Funcken, Julien Mier and Magda Kozuba

This project  is an international collective effort to generate funds for the rescue, preservation and safe sanctuary of koalas and other vulnerable wildlife affected by the unprecedented catastrophic fires of the Australian Black Summer (September 2019 – February 2020) resulting in a massive loss of habitable forests.

Curated by Roel Funcken (Funckarma)
Photography by Magda Kozuba
Design by Florence Meuleman (moiCflo)
Mastered by Bob Macc (Subvert Central Mastering)



compilation / download

Puerto Rico Relief | not on label

20 artists join in to aid in the reconstruction effort after Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico in conjunction with the charity “Friends of Puerto Rico”.

All proceeds go directly to Friends of Puerto Rico, they bridge between education and cultural communities in Puerto Rico and its diaspora and are actively raising funds that invest in communities that support educational, cultural and development programs in Puerto Rico. As part of the organisation’s commitment, 100% of the donations received for the Hurricane Maria Recovery Fund will be to invest to rebuild Puerto Rico through the thirteen centres managed by the Boys & Girls Clubs in Puerto Rico.



compilation / download

Touched 3 / Touched music

417 electronic, ambient & modern classical musicians come together for this amazing cause.



compilation / download

discovery 1 / soft recordings

Discovery series aims to promote new artists and sounds in the experimental music community; including ambient, drone, electronic, noise and modern classical genres.


compilation / download

Touched 2 / touched music

All proceeds being donated to Macmillan Cancer Support

It was an honour to have contributed to this huge compilation with Machinedrum, Autechre, Brothomstates, Plaid, FSOL, Nathan Fake, Orbital and many others


Hum Score

compilation / cd / download

the silence was warm vol.5 / Symbolic Interaction

I wrote this track for the compilation album The Silence Was Warm vol. 5



compilation / download

The electro compendium / anti-social network

Collaborated with Roel Funcken for this compilation


Ard Bit - Tois

compilation / cd / download

the silence was warm vol.3 / symbolic interaction

I wrote this track for “The Silence Was Warm Vol.3” of Symbolic Interaction



compilation / cd / download

tured in been / onrecords

‘Tured In Been’ features artists from all over – with the thematic constant being a love of creamy electronica. I felt honoured to have my debut on this compilation amongst other great artists.