Six Scores One

EP / cassette / digital

self released


RELEASE DATE: September 25, 2019


1. AFTERHOOK (3:36)
2. SW6RM (2:16)
3. CLOUDS (3:40)

4. MONKEY (1:38)
5. FfOG (2:57)
6. KERN (5:03)

LABEL: Self Released
FORMAT: Cassette / Digital

ARTWORK: Meinhard Spoor
MASTERING: Rudi Arapahoe

press text

Ard Bit’s fourth EP blends field recordings, soundscapes and rhythmic sources into melancholic and atmospheric layered constructions. The Rotterdam- based dutch composer and sound artist has several releases on Lowriders Recordings, Shipwrec and Symbolic Interaction, and now comes with a self-released new episode of strange stories and emotions.

Six Scores One was partly written in the forests of Winterswijk, a stone’s throw from the Korenburgerveen. This peat lies in an environment where you can wander through beautiful forests, wooded banks, streams and heathland. An ideal place for reflection. Six Scores One tells a story of ever-changing nature in all its facets. Transforming beautiful fields into ominous, disorienting worlds where serenity gives way to devastation.

One strong recurring layer, suggesting a machine world, conjugates everything and is often sculpted far enough from the source of inspiration. Ard Bit’s processing here moves in veiled ways, woven with the quirky compositions as if they are housed.


“Each piece on Six Scores One drifts and
breaks apart, carefully unfolding tranquil notes,
subtle piano key strokes, and an ambient air full
of cosmic energies”

Igloo Magazine (September 1, 2019)

Six Scores One is more concerned with transformation and disorientation…as if Ard Bit is scoring the unknowable forces and violent energies that lurk behind nature’s beautiful facade”
The Sun Lounge (September 22, 2019)

“I am also reminded of Amon Tobin and the sound design of his album as there is a nice clarity to the sounds contained herein with a crispness that is quite noticeable in making the productions sonically rich “
Drifting, Almost Falling. (September 24, 2019)